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Voxygens Just Call Me Conferencing Product Launched by O2 UK

We’re delighted to announce that O2 has launched the Just Call Me conference service, one of our suite of Digital Carrier Products, which Voxygen supplied as a white-label product solution. At Voxygen, we’ve been looking to re-invent conferencing for some …

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Callers Anon

Growth in international telephony services is generally a good thing, and we enjoy ever-falling costs and ever increasing competition for these services. However, a downside is the increased flow of unwelcome sales calls and the diminishing trust in (or even …

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The Hegemony of TCP

There’s an interesting article in the Spectrum magazine about the history of open networking and how ultimately the open standards defined by ITU committees got overtaken by TCP/IP. We still sometimes talk about the 7-layer model ( a product of …

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T-Birds are Go

We recently finished our T-birds conference controller (we’re all big Jeff Tracy fans here), and presented it to Jamie Finn and colleagues at Telef√≥nica, to much hilarity. Tweet The T-birds conference controller allows 5 chosen mobile users to be summoned …

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Kamailio Conference

In April, a Kamailio conference is taking place in Berlin, the first of its kind: Kamailio World. We’re big fans of Kamailio here at Voxygen, and use it as part of our own cloud platform, Matrix. If you don’t know, …

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