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More Like Guidelines

The human senses have a “scaling system” such that we are more sensitive to subtle stimuli if the overall level of stimulus is low, and conversely in a “loud” or “bright” situation, the stimulus has to be that much greater …

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Moving to Wideband

The audio on telephone calls is a poor experience. Traditionally the phone works by heavily filtering the voice into a band less than 4kHz wide, as compared to the 22kHz “Hi-Fi” spectrum you might enjoy from a CD. It just …

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The Future of Voice

One of the fascinating things about telecom in the past few years is the extent to which it has come to be defined by software instead of hardware. The standardisation of hardware (like the ubiquitous Intel-based PC), and the ability …

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IPv6 and the Whirligig of Time

IPv6 weighs heavily on a lot of minds now. There are some greenfield applications, where the case for clean IPv6 deployment is clear: for example smart power metering. If you’re going to have 20 million new network endpoints reporting data …

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