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The Birth of Digital

Alec Reeves was an electronics genius who worked on telephony and radio in the 1930s/40s. He was also something of an eccentric, believing that you could contact the dead in various ways, including extracting messages from electronic random noise. Before …

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Opus Goes Live

Last week, the IETF recently published RFC6716, a description of the Opus Codec. We’ve spoken about Opus¬†on our blog before, but now we’d like to characterize it a bit more, since the specification (and source code) is now released and …

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The Longest Distance Call

This month,¬†Nature magazine had a piece on the Voyager spacecraft, which are still heading for deep space, with Voyager 1 now leaving the solar system, some 18 billion km away from the Sun. Incredibly, communication is still possible with the …

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