Voxygens Just Call Me Conferencing Product Launched by O2 UK

Just Call Me Conferencing

We’re delighted to announce that O2 has launched the Just Call Me conference service, one of our suite of Digital Carrier Products, which Voxygen supplied as a white-label product solution.

At Voxygen, we’ve been looking to re-invent conferencing for some time. Whilst we’ve seen a lot of incremental innovation in the space we wanted to re-design the whole experience from the ground up. Our approach was to re-model the current design, which hasn’t actually changed much since the 1960’s and is centered on the “meet me here” concept. This works by all participants joining a central location, which requires an access point (a dial-in number or URL) and then authentication, usually a PIN code. Going back 50 years this made a lot of sense as every phone was connected to a central exchange by a pair of twisted copper analogue lines, so a centralised meeting point was needed in order to mix and multiplex the audio from all participating parties.

In a Digital world, the constraints that lead to this design no longer apply – there’s no reason why a phone number cannot receive more than one call at a time. When we started to re-imagine conference calling, our product design process directed us to approach it from this new, more personal, direction.

Centering on users in this way allows us to create a new and superior experience that’s more in tune with our natural behaviour. You call the person already in your address book, as do the other attendees. From the conference organisers’ point of view, you just ask people to call you. There are no dial-in access numbers or PINs or any other information to distribute.

Of course there’s a companion app available on the respective iOS, Android and Windows Mobile stores which gives you all the features you would expect in a modern digital conferencing solution, such as knowing who’s speaking and being able to mute, earmuff and kick users. And a few that you haven’t seen before because we invented them, like being able to run multiple conference calls simultaneously and move users between them.

From the carrier perspective, Just Call Me represents a unique model, neatly wrapping up recurring monthly service charges with the MT (Mobile Termination fees) revenue from other networks when participants dial in by calling the hosts mobile number.

The global carriers that work with us do so because we continue to leverage our Digital capabilities and strategic commercial thinking to create products that both delight customers and deliver new revenue streams. It’s this double-barrelled approach that drives our product creation processes and enables us to create profitable innovation services like Just Call Me.

You can find out more, and if you’re an O2 business customer in the UK get the product, here : http://businessshop.o2.co.uk/O2BusinessShopAppProductPage?pf=O2-Just-Call-Me

If you’re a carrier looking to learn more about this and our other applications, products and services drop us an email.

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