Voxygen works with leading telecoms companies to create innovative products and services for mobile, desktop and web that improve business performance, customer retention and revenues.

Our services include strategic, creative, design, engineering and support deliverables and we can help from envisioning the initial idea through to supporting the launched product.

Our business has four key offerings:

Professional Services

We offer a range of professional services that include user-experience, service, process and user-interface design, support, strategy and marketing.

We also perform due diligence for VC's and public and private companies for M&A activity and technology assessments.

Technical Development

We are proud to have one of the brightest and most experienced engineering teams in the telecommunications space. We further augment our expertise through our extensive network of associates and specialists in the various sectors that we work in.

Our engineering team are experts in both legacy and IP technologies and have unique experience at combining both.

White Label Products

Voxygen has its own technologies, created in-house, which it licenses to clients to save cost, time to market and to provide protection through our patent portfolio.

We help our clients to integrate these technologies into their existing systems, either as stand alone products or as part of a larger project.

We are also partnered with several vendors and can assist with integration into legacy systems.


We constantly push boundaries - our engineering team is responsible for the filing of several patents every year. We are highly adept at solving complex problems in order to take new products to market and we work with our clients to secure IP protection for our innovations.