Voxygen’s Deep Learning Analytics Platform

Voxygen’s Deep Learning Analytics platform forms part of the Matrix Platform-as-a-Service and provides an overlay to our product suite, providing intelligent voice and text analysis, performing speech to text transcription, interpreting sentiment and tone of voice and interrogating usage to provide workforce efficiency to your customers.

Use cases

Voxygen’s Deep Learning Analytics Platform

Voice Analysis

  • Speech-to-text transcription

  • Keyword search

  • Trained to suit your organisation and industry

  • Identify behavioural groups & patterns


  • Voice and text analysis

  • Language and word use (identify use / excessive use of profanity)

  • Accurate and anonymised way to track HR scores

Workforce Optimisation

  • Understand communication, product and device usage

  • Reduce human tasks and errors

  • Learn using real-time insights

  • Utilise redundant / unused data sets

Benefits of Voxygen’s PaaS

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